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About Us in Brief

What we Value

Inspire Stamping Systems is to provide the customer with a complete in- house build of a quality tool , Designed, built, and delivered on time to the customer.

We are well known as Die Design , Tool and Die making ,Prototype Components, Maintenance and Repairing as well as metal sheet metal parts.Inspire Stamping Systems specializes in the design and construction of a wide range of metal working tools and metal stamping dies.Whether requirements call for Progressive Dies, High speed stamping dies, Forming Dies, Transfer Dies, Draw Dies, Signal hit Dies Etc. Inspire has the experience and equipments necessary to satisfy all our Customers Tooling needs.

From Die Design ,Making by our engineering staff to delivery of a critical tooling requirement on one of our responsive Inspire Stamping Systems, We are ready to provide complete tooling service. Our Capabilities includes Designing and manufacturing of Dies , Jigs ,Fixtures and Gauges- Manufacturing of Metal Stamping

Our Manufacturing

We are specialized in Die designing and manufacturing of complex and precise stamping dies for Automotive, Commercial and Electrical Etc.,

Manufacturing and designing complex high “A class” tools is not justified for low volumes. We will help and support work with your company to get the highest quality of tools for the required budget.

We build best Quality of tools and also give cost saving procedures to our customers with the help of new technology like cam forming, cam piercing, station tools etc. or build single stage dies.

Our plan to start Sophisticated Tool Room and Modernized Conventional Machining facility . We also support for prototype components and assembly with soft tooling’s for faster development regarding your upcoming new projects.


We are delighted to share you that, We’ve been successfully associated with one of the most successful leading manufacturing industry “BUNNY INDUSTRIES” from which we together promised to “DELIVER THE EXCELLENCE”.

How We Make is What we Value


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